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Free School Meals

If you are entitled to free school meals and would like to pick up a free school meal for your child/children during the school closure period , please contact the Catering Service on the details below.


You will be provided with a breakfast, lunch and snack for you child/children on a daily basis (Mon – Fri)


We will need to know the name of your child/ children, school they attend, dietary information (i.e vegetarian/allergies), contact details.


You will also need to let us know which school you would like to collect the meal from as we appreciate you may have children attending two different schools or you may live closer to a school that you child doesn’t currently attend.


If you also become eligible for free school meals over the next coming weeks, please contact the details below.


This option will also be available over the Easter Holidays.


The Catering Service will then contact you with a pick up time by 4pm Friday 20th of March.


Catering Service Contact Details


Contact details –




Telephone any of the following numbers:


01437 775943

01437 775922

01437 775912

01437 775949

01437 775250


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