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Wellbeing Week – May 14th – 18th

Wellbeing Week – May 14th – 18th.
We have several different activities planned to promote positiveWellbeing for pupils, parents and staff again this year. We are keen to involve parents and grandparents in some of activities and thetime credits raffle will be running again. We appreciate family members giving up their time so everyone who attends a Wellbeing Week activity will be added to our prize draw. So far wehave prizes from Heatherton, Hangar 5, Dinosaur Park, Something’s Cooking to name just a few!

Monday – Whole School Daily Mile – 2:15pm. All are welcome to join us.
Tuesday – Join the children for a 30 minute Mindfulness session intheir classes during the day.
Wednesday – Outdoor Classroom Day – more information to follow.During the morning Classes 1 and 4 will be having Dancercisesessions – these were very popular last year! Parents are welcometo join us.
Thursday – Kerbcraft road safety sessions for Years 1 and 2 in the morning – Parents are welcome to join us.
Dancercise sessions for Classes 2, 3 and 5 – Parents are welcome to join us.
Friday – Yoga sessions for each class.
Class 3 – Feel Good Friday – Class 3 parents are invited to attend.

Further information will be sent home in the next few days.

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