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Return to School

Phased Return – September 3rd and 4th

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September 1st

Planning and Preparation



September 2nd

Planning and Preparation



September 3rd

Class 1 (Group A)*
Class 4 (all) Class 5 (all)

C1 – 8.45am – 8.55am (main entrance)
Class 4 – 8.55am – 9.05am (main entrance)

Class 5 – 8.45am – 8.55am (Hall door)

C1 3pm – 3.10pm

C4 3.10pm – 3.20pm

C5 3pm – 3.10pm


September 4th

Class 1 (Group B)*
Class 2 (all) Class 3 (all)

C1 – 8.45am – 8.55am (main entrance)
Class 2 – 8.55am – 9.05am (main entrance)

Class 3 – 9.05am – 9.15am (main entrance)


C1 2.50pm – 3pm

C2 3pm – 3.10pm

C3 3.10pm – 3.20pm


*Class 1
Group A – Reception pupils who haven’t yet started school Group B – Reception pupils who started school in January

Monday September 7th

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All pupils return – please see timings below


Please see information below

Arrangements from September 7th – Arrival and collection

• There will be staggered starts and ends to the school day – this is a temporary measure and will be adjusted once restrictions are removed.

If you have children in more than one class, please collect and drop off in the timeslot allocated to your oldest child.

  • Both the Vergam Terrace entrance and the rear entrance will be open for entrance and exit.
  • Please arrive within your allocated timeslot
  • When you arrive please wait on the playground with your child – a member of staff will be on duty and they will tell you when your child can enter the building safely.
  • Older pupils in C4 and 5 may come onto the playground unaccompanied. They will still need to arrive within their designated timeslot – however they must stand and wait to be invited in. They will not be able to play – if your child is unable to do this we will ask that you accompany them onto the playground. If they are walking home independently they will be dismissed in their designated timeslot.
  • Please do not allow pupils to play on the playground before school – we are working to ensure that they are in separate contact groups all day and this includes the period before school.
  • Parents/carers will not be allowed to enter the school building – if you need to speak to a member of staff please send a message via Class Dojo or ring the school.
  • Only one adult is allowed onto the playground to drop off or collect a child.
  • Please ensure that you are following the current social distancing guidelines on the playground – at present this requires you to be 2m away from other people. Please leave the playground as soon as your child is with you – another group of parents will be waiting to arrive for the next collection.Pupils
  • Pupils should wear full school uniform – please see school website for details. Uniform is available from School Trends and Tees R Us in Haverfordwest.
  • On the days when pupils have PE we ask that they wear their PE T Shirt, School Jumper or cardigan, Plain navy or black jogging bottoms and trainers to school. This will limit the need to bring in extra items to school.


Arrival time

Entrance door

Collection time

page2image3953482608Collection point



page2image3953496704Main Entrance page2image38997974722.50 – 3

Main Entrance


8.50 – 9.00

Main Entrance

3 – 3.10

page2image3900276768Main Entrance


9 – 9.10

page2image3900288432Main Entrance page2image39002898723.10 – 3.20

Main Entrance


8.50 – 9.00

Hall Door

3 – 3.10

page2image3952297232Hall Door



Hall Door 2.50 – 3

Hall Door



PE Timetable

Tuesday – Classes 2,3,4 and 5 Wednesday Classes 1 and 4 Thursday Classes 1,2,3 and 5

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