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Outdoor Classroom Day

Pupils from Classes 1,2 and 3 enjoyed a busy, action packed Outdoor Classroom Day today.

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. On the day, thousands of schools around the world take lessons outdoors and prioritise playtime. In 2017, over 2.3 million children worldwide took part, more than 580,000 of those were in the UK and Ireland. 

Outdoor learning improves children’s healthengages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilienceteamwork and creativity, but is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood. 

Our children worked with staff, parents and governors to take part in a range of exciting outdoor activities.



Fire Safety

Fireman Lee came in to work with Classes 2 and 5 this morning.

In Class 5 we thought about Fire Safety plans and talked about what to do in the event of a fire.

We created plans for our own houses – after school we will be sharing these with our families.


Free School Meals

Your child may be eligible for free school meals


Free school meals will be provided for pupils who receive or whose parents receive one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance (IBJSA). Contribution Based Jobseekers Allowance (CBJSA) does not qualify
  • Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credits only, with an annual household Income of under £16,190 *
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (IR)

Please note that if you are in receipt of Working Tax Credits in addition to any of these benefits you will not be eligible for free meals, even if your household income is below £16,190*.

* As a guide, an applicant’s annual household income is usually stated on a TC602 Tax Credits Summary/Award Notice.

Please click here to find out more


Digital Parenting Magazine

Digital Parenting

Click on the link to access the latest edition of Digital Parenting magazine.

All pupils have also taken a paper copy home.

Digital Parenting helps you to get more involved with the technology that young people enjoy.
Whether you’re a parent, a carer, a teacher or a teenager, it’s all about building children’s confidence and resilience so that they get the very best out of the fast-moving, awe-inspiring, sometimes-overwhelming digital world.


We all had a fabulous time at Diwrnod Shwmae celebrations this afternoon #Cymruwood #DathluCymraeg Diolch am ddod pawb!


We we walked on the red carpet at CymruWood and showed off our outfits.

Afterwards we all took part in Parti Fiss and asked and answered questions in Welsh.


Stay & Play

On Friday we were delighted to welcome many family members for our Class 1 and 2 Stay and Play session.

Class 1 showed some of their SKIP activities. Developed in America, SKIP (successful kinesthetic instruction for pre-schoolers) aims to get children moving and learning through play.


Class 2 showed how we used some of the tools on Hwb to develop our digital learning.



Class 5 Colby Trip

Our Trip to Colby Woodland Gardens 

Today we went to Colby Woodland Gardens! We had a great time pond dipping and doing an experiment on how fast the water in the river flowed. 

Firstly, we did a fun experiment on how fast the water in the river flowed. We measured a ten  meter stretch down the river. We had one person on the stopwatch and another person ready to shout STOP! We then let Mack a Duck (who was a toy duck) down the river and he  got off to a good-ish start but Mack a Duck ended up crashing (RIP Mack a Duck). But our experiment did end up working! (phew).                                                  

After our funny experiment with a bit of failure we went over to a wider part of the river. We did some kick sampling and we checked out what we found by identifying them with a key. It was fun but messy at the same time! 

After we went in the river we went back to the bus to get our food to eat. 

After that we were off! (sadly it was not the end of the school day and we had to do work.)

Text by James, Photo Collage by Maggi