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Mrs Van Kempen has collated some activities that can be used to  benefit your child’s wellbeing.

ELSA Resources for both Foundation Phase (Pre-Reception-Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6)

Friends-little-booklet– Children need to colour the front page. They can then draw one of their friends and write their name. They can think about what they enjoy doing with their friend and draw a picture followed by a sentence or two. On the last page they need to consider what makes their friend such a good friend. What qualities does that friend have? You could write a list together first. Edit activity according to your child’s age, just drawing pictures is also perfect.

Emotions-wheel-art-therapy– A simple art activity to explore different emotions. These emotions are the basic 6 emotions that children recognise early on in emotional literacy. Which colours? Which shapes? Which words? Which drawings/objects? Represent each emotions. Get them to decorate their wheel. Lots of opportunity for discussion.

sleepy-mobile – A lovely mindful colouring activity to make a sleepy mobile for the child to hang in their rooms. There is a plain version, mindful colouring version and a coloured version. Included in the pack is a list of relaxing words and also a list of ‘dos’ for getting a good night’s sleep.

Happy-Place– Here we have a ‘happy visualisation’. This is purely a drawing exercise where children can think about their happy place. It might be a real place it might be imagination such as unicorn land or in the clouds with rainbows and sunshine. It really doesn’t matter. They are learning to visualise a place that makes them feel happy so that when things get tough they can ‘go to their happy place’. Ask the child if they can visualise their place.  What colours can they see? What can they hear? What can they smell? What can they feel? What can they taste? Help them to use all of their senses to visualise that happy place.

Calm-down-dice A nice activity to learn about calming skills. How can we calm down when we feel anxious or angry? These have been done in black and white so children can colour them before you make into dice. Once made up roll them and practice the activity. We have a younger version and an older version. Use this once a day with your children either at home.

Rainbow-art – These are lovely to do and pop in your windows. Lots of colouring and discussion about what the quote might mean.

Warm-and-fuzzy – Warm fuzzies are things that make you feel good about yourself. Can you imagine that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside of you when something good happens. It feels comforting and just NICE. Almost like a hug but without being touched. There are lots of ways to feel warm and fuzzy.

mood-tracker-mandala Children can give each emotion a colour and then fill in their mandala daily on how they are feelings. What will be the main colour of their mandala flower?

A-Certificate-for-children – A certificate to award children staying at home.

Design-a-worry-monster – Children can design a worry monster and then tell their worries to it. They can list any of their worries first. Great opportunity for talking about any worries they might have.

Resources aimed at Key Stage 2

Roll-a-positive-question – This is a fun activity to play with children to get them talking and thinking positively. All you need are two dice. Roll one and get the horizontal row and roll the other one to get the vertical column. Where they meet is the question you will answer.

Positive-paper-chains-for-mindful-colouring+FP+and+KS2 – You can talk about the positive quote and what it means and then spend some time colouring it in carefully. When finished make your paper chain.

Relax-tips-and-worksheets – This is a list of ideas for relaxing and there are a few worksheets to use too.

photo-challenge-2-1 – Each day you are prompted to take a photograph. This will help to create a positive attitude and also give a purpose or focus to the day. All photos can be taken in your house, your garden, your yard or during your daily exercise. You are welcome to tag your photos to @elsasupport on Instagram or #elsaphotochallenge.

Roll-2-dice – A lovely independent activity where the pupil rolls two dice and then adds them up (bit of maths there) and they can then answer the question with just a sentence or phrase.