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Dosbarth 2

WB 29/06/20

Week 29th June

WB 22/06/20

Week beginning 22nd June 20

Topic – Grow Your Own

What Plants Need to Grow PowerPoint                       plants-need-activity-sheet-english_ver_5






Try not to be too concerned if your child is writing some letters back to front, it can be more common than you think. Here are some activity sheets and booklets for you to try with your child. Although if you do have concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

b and d letter reversal

confusing letters worksheet

Confusing letters booklet

For those who cannot access OneNote at the moment, here are some of the resources for you to download.

St Davids Day Recipe Cards

Welsh flag colouring

Wales fact cards

5 Minute Boredom Activities Household chore games Fitness Circuit Cards Wellbeing craft


WB 18/05/20

Please use the Class OneNote for the active links.

WB 18th May


WB 27/04/20

We’re still using Class OneNote (please follow the link in last week’s section below) for the next few weeks to give everyone a chance to get used to it. If you do have problems, please email the Hwb help desk so they can try to fix any problems. You can upload work to your individual pages in our OneNote but alternatively you can still use j2e and exercise books/paper to complete the activities. Please keep messaging us pictures as we love to see what the children are doing. If at any point you cannot access OneNote, please let us know and use the learning grid below.

Dosbarth Dau Remote Learning OneNote.

Learning Grid for WB 4th May 2020


Learning Grid 27th April 2020

Learning Grid for WB 20th April 2020

How to upload to j2e from your phone part 1

How to upload to j2e from your phone part 2

WB 20/04/20

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It’s been lovely seeing everyone’s Flipgrids, work and messages through Dojo- please keep them coming! Our new topic for this term is The Natural World.

The work from now on will be in the Class Notebook on OneNote. This can be found either through Hwb or through OneNote itself. Parents/carers can also download the app to your phone or tablet. Here is the link to Dosbarth Dau Remote Learning OneNote.

Use the guidance video to help you log onto the Dosbarth Dau Remote Learning OneNote. We feel this will be easier as everything will be in one place. If you cannot access it for any reasons, please get in touch.

We hope you’ve all received your letters and seeds! Just like we would have Pupil Voice Planning sessions in school, we want that to carry on…so please use Flipgrid, Collaboration Space and Dojo to tell us what you’d like to learn.


WB 30/03/20

02/04/20- *New work added*

Writing prompts

Describe the monster

Spring English Activity Booklet

Spring English Activity Booklet – Answers

Reducing Handwriting Size Number Formation Sheets

All About Me Booklet

Thank you to those people who completed the feedback form- we appreciate your feedback. As a result, below are some link to Maths and Literacy workbooks for both Year 1 and Year 2.

Dosbarth 2 30.03.20


Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet

Year 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet Answers

Maths Number Place and Value Workbook Year 2 Ones

Maths Number Place and Value Workbook Year 2 – Answers


Year 1 Spring English Activity Booklet

Year 1 Spring English Activity Booklet Answers

Year 2 Ronald the Rhino Reading Comprehension

Follow the link below to access free prayer resources from that can be used with your children at home.

Tenten Prayer Resources

Click on the link below to view a list of Welsh apps to supports your child with their learning.

Welsh Apps

Here are a few activities to work through with your child this week. We will be updating regularly so please keep looking.

If you require assistance, please Dojo either Mrs Kplomedo or Mrs Squelch.

Dosbarth Dau Remote Learning Questionnaire


Week Beginning 23 March Class 2 Remote Learning

Dosbarth Dau Remote Learning

Class 2 activity homework