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Da iawn Blwyddyn 1!


Pupils in Year 1 have been working with Road Safety Officers to achieve their Kerbcraft awards.


Kerbcraft is a national scheme, funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.  It aims to teach pupils  vital pedestrian skills, to aid the reduction of Child Pedestrian accidents.

Kerbcraft was developed by a team of Psychologists at StrathclydeUniversity who designed the programme to teach 5-7 year olds three vital skills: Choosing safe places and routes; crossing safely at parked cars and crossing safely at junctions.  Parents however are reminded that an adult should always accompany children of this age when walking near or crossing roads.

1)    Choosing safe places and routes to cross the road – Children are helped to recognize the dangers and hazards and identify alternative crossing places.

2)    Crossing safely at parked cars – Children are taught how to use a safe strategy for crossing near parked cars- when avoiding them is impossible.

3)    Crossing safely at Junctions – Children are introduced to the problems of simple and complex junctions, and are taught a strategy for looking in all directions.


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