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Class 5 Colby Trip

Our Trip to Colby Woodland Gardens 

Today we went to Colby Woodland Gardens! We had a great time pond dipping and doing an experiment on how fast the water in the river flowed. 

Firstly, we did a fun experiment on how fast the water in the river flowed. We measured a ten  meter stretch down the river. We had one person on the stopwatch and another person ready to shout STOP! We then let Mack a Duck (who was a toy duck) down the river and he  got off to a good-ish start but Mack a Duck ended up crashing (RIP Mack a Duck). But our experiment did end up working! (phew).                                                  

After our funny experiment with a bit of failure we went over to a wider part of the river. We did some kick sampling and we checked out what we found by identifying them with a key. It was fun but messy at the same time! 

After we went in the river we went back to the bus to get our food to eat. 

After that we were off! (sadly it was not the end of the school day and we had to do work.)

Text by James, Photo Collage by Maggi


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