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Author: Mrs Thomas

Code Club News

Members of our code club recently completed six Microbit coding

projects and received certificates to acknowledge their achievements.

Our Code Club meets every Thursday from 3.15 – 4.15 and we welcome pupils from Y4 upwards. We are very  lucky to have two volunteers (one an ex pupil) who give up their time every week to share their expertise and enthusiasm with us.

The Microbits were kindly donated to our club by one of our volunteers Nat Morris on behalf of his employers, Netflix. Code Club members have enjoyed creating a range of different games and gadgets using the devices and have begun working on more extended, independent projects.


Sponsored Read 2018

As a school we are always aiming to raise the awareness of the importance of reading.

Reading regularly is crucial both to help children improve their literacy standards and to give them the skills to be able to engage in reading for pleasure.

We have decided to run a sponsored read to encourage children to read more and hopefully raise some funds to put towards purchasing books for the children to use in school.

The Holy Name School Sponsored Read 2018 sponsorship form which will go home with your child today can be used to choose a target of how many books your child is going to challenge themselves to read during a 3 week period from Mon 30th April until Fri 25th May.

Once they have decided upon their target they can see if friends and family are willing to sponsor them!

Could all sponsorship forms (including any money raised) please be handed into the office by Wednesday 6th June.

Thank you for your support!

Digital Safety Website

Our digital leaders have been working on a website designed to help us stay safe online and give advice to parents.

Posts on new digital safety topics will be added regularly so keep an eye on the website and help keep your child safe when they are using technology.

Our first post gives advice on how to choose a strong password.

Wellbeing Week


We held our first Wellbeing Week on the week beginning the 15th May.

Children and staff enjoyed a variety of activities designed to promote wellbeing.

On Tuesday, each class participated in a wellbeing activity in their classrooms.


On Wednesday we celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day which involved water sliding, orienteering, mud play and learning circus skills as well as many more activities. Click here to view more photos and videos of this fantastic day!

empty classroom day

On Thursday, we welcomed parents to the school to join us in our dancercise sessions. Several parents were brave (or fit!) enough to join us for more than one session.


On Friday Mrs Benbow came in to teach us a song. At the end of the day the whole school came together to watch each class performing the songs they had learned.


Pupils, staff and parents thoroughly enjoyed our Wellbeing Week which really made us think more about our own wellbeing as well as that of others. We can’t wait until the next one!

Science Aglow


Class 5 attended the Science Aglow event run by the Darwin Centre.

We presented our investigation on “Why Do Penguins Huddle?” to Martin and Sam of the Darwin centre, participated in fantastic science workshops then watched an amazing science show.